On February 15, 2023, Oleksiy Orzhel was appointed as the Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy.

Oleksiy Orzhel has replaced Oleksandr Kozakevich in this position, who has recently joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 


Mr. Orzhel has many years of experience in the Fuel & Energy sector. He used to work for National Energy Regulator (NEURC), and private companies. In 2019-2020 was the Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine.


"In the conditions when your neighbor is a terrorist country, renewable energy sources are almost the only way to develop and restore the energy system of Ukraine. These technologies are the most accessible, and faster in terms of construction rates.  RES is the distributed generation, which makes our energy system more resilient, and is also safe for citizens and the environment in conditions of military operations or in case of terrorist attacks.


As the Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy, I plan to deal with both strategic issues of the development of RES and the electricity sector, as well as solving current problems of the industry's functioning," Orzhel notes.