Strategic development of Ukrainian association of renewable energy is subject to the global goal of its creation - formation of a consolidated position of all participants of the renewable energy sector to ensure the most favorable conditions for doing business in the production of electricity from renewable sources, provision of support for implementation of the strategy of development of renewable energy in Ukraine and achievement of energy independence.

Implementation of these tasks is possible and effective through:

1. Promotion of renewable energy in Ukraine:

  • facilitation of an increase in the share of renewable energy in the energy balance of Ukraine,
  • Ukraine's integration into the global trend of RES development prioritization,
  • development of renewable energy sector as an innovative component of the national economy, contributing to the improvement of socio-economic indicators of the country's development;

2. Constructive interaction, cooperation and consultations with the authorities responsible for the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of energy:

  • formation of a stable legal framework for renewable energy sector regulation,
  • support and monitoring of the implementation of Ukraine's obligations under international treaties, including facilitation of implementation of the commitments to achieve the indicative target for RES-share in energy mix within the framework of Energy Community membership,
  • ensurance of non-discriminatory RES-generation development within the framework of a new model of electricity market of Ukraine under the Law of Ukraine "On the basis of functioning of electricity market of Ukraine"
  • simplification of the business environment in the sector of renewable energy generation,
  • initiation of timely elimination of ineffective legislation, collisions, participation in the process of adaptation of national legislation to acquis communautaire,
  • search for new effective regulatory mechanisms to encourage RES-deployment on the basis of balance of interests of the state, energy consumers and investors;

3. Popularization of renewable energy:

  • public awareness of renewable energy power generation benefits,
  • collection, analysis and processing of an information on financial attractiveness of RES-sector, efficiency of power generation technologies, potential of renewable energy sources application, developed countries benchmarking,
  • drawing of attention to the social significance of renewable energy projects, long-term positive effects of renewable energy sources application,
  • neutralization of negative informational background;

4. Private households' involvement in the sphere of RES application:

  • analysis of barriers for practical application of the state support mechanism to stimulate production of electricity from renewable energy sources by households,
  • elaboration of "road maps" for private households,
  • improvement of the legislation related to the effective realization of the right of households to sell electricity produced under "green" (feed-in) tariff;

5. Promotion of RES-investments growth:

  • involvement of investors, financial and social organizations to cooperation and consolidation of efforts in order to overcome fossil fuels dependence, refocus energy sector towards environmentally safe and fuel-free renewable energy application,
  • seek for possibilities of simplification renewable generation projects execution,
  • building partnerships and mutually beneficial relations with and between the players of RES market;

6. Creation of an effective platform for technological solutions and experience exchange, elaboration of consensus between market participants on the key issues of its development:

  • advocacy of the interests of investors - members of the Association,
  • provision of informational support considering development trends.